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LINCOLN COUNTY – When we started out we had 85 staff 100% teleworking with anyone that could not perform their duties staying in the office, which included supervisors and management staff, business office etc and any staff that were on a work plan. I had each work section develop works requirements from, dress code to being on a 8:00 am to email or other communication when they went to lunch or break etc as well as the same work demands were present as they were in the office. We had staff sign these expectation sheets along with the telework agreements I attached. We learned very quickly that supervisor ended up receiving a lot of administrative functions that worker typically handled due to teleworkers could not access local agency programs and systems. We then transitioned to 90% of our telework staff come in the building for a minimum of one day a week using a rotating schedule which alleviated a lot of the extra work on supervisors. If a worker struggled we brought them back. We still had supervisors doing supervision via web-ex or teams. Our economic services staff had excellent success as we set up stations in the building to do phone or web based interviews with our clientele. We pushed supervisors and management staff to monitor heavily work performance and if anyone was struggling we brought them back.
We have been adding Citrix to our staff agency wide and this allow them to touch their desktop and our server from afar just as though they were in the building. We encourage supervisors to have social distanced meeting with telework staff to maintain the connective.
We have seen paper and electricity cost reduced significantly.

Telework Agreement Economic Services
Telework Agreement Fillable
Telework Agreement Legal Services
Telework Agreement Administrative Services
Teleworking Policy

Jones County

Temporary Teleworking Agreement

Durham County


Yadkin County

Telework Agreement
Telework Policy

Hertford County

Temporary Telecommuting Agreement
Temporary Telecommuting Policy

Mecklenburg County

Telework Agreement
Telework Policy
Telework Decision Tree
Workplan Template

Onslow County

Economic Services Telework Agreement
Teleworking Policy
Social Work Telework Agreement
Telework Analysis

Gaston County

Telework Agreement