Wednesday, August 3, 2022

3:00-4:30 pm

  • Kinship First
  • Don’t Forget About Dad…He Matters Too
  • Engage with PHPs
  • Preparing for the Next Hurricane: Disaster FNS Operations
  • Employee Evaluations (DIRECTORS ONLY)
  • How to Eat an Elephant: The Path to APS Improvement
  • NCACBSS Board Members Only (11:30a – 5:00p)

Thursday, August 4, 2022

8:30-10:00 am

  • Calling Mr. / Mrs. Lonely
  • Benefits of the Regional Support Model for Child Welfare Services
  • Our Identities / Ourselves
  • Soaring Above and Beyond the Limits with Medicaid Eligibility
  • Adult Care Home Accreditation Pilot Program
  • NCACBSS Board Members Only

10:15-11:45 am

  • Modernization of Systems at DHHS
  • Special Assistance: What have you done for me lately?
  • Daysheets Training
  • Medicaid – No Limits
  • Addressing Health Equity: How NC Recovers Stronger
  • NC’s Round Four of CFSR
  • NCACBSS Board Members Only

1:45-3:15 pm

  • Plan of Care: How Much is Enough?
  • Leveraging SHIIP in Local Communities
  • Building the Child Welfare Workforce
  • Pushing Beyond Limits to Identify and Mitigate Risk for Continuous Improvement
  • Dealing with Harassment of Publlic Officials and Employees (DSS Directors Only)
  • Preparing for the End of the Public Health Emergency – FNS Flexibilities
  • NCACBSS Board Members Only

3:30-5:00 pm

  • Above and Beyond: Taking customer service to new heights
  • Enhancing Safety Culture and Quality CWS Delivery thru Public, Private Partnerships
  • Medicaid Claiming 75/25
  • Expanding Your Horizon to Identify Leads through Investigation Activities
  • CRM: Community Resiliency Model
  • Child Welfare and Family Well-Being Transformation
  • GT Independence: Your Life. Your Choice. Self-Direction 101
  • NCACBSS Board Members Only

Friday, August 5, 2022

8:30-10:00 am

  • Medicaid Eligibility and Managed Care: Are the Limits a Mirage?
  • FNS and WIC Eligible Households…Data Matching and Outreach
  • Above and Beyond: Taking customer service to new heights
  • NCFAST – Applications and Infrastructure Modernization
  • From Surviving to Thriving: Training Staff Post-COVID
  • NCACDSS Executive Board Meeting – DSS Directors Only
  • Beyond the Score: SCCA Program Monitoring Insights

10:15-11:45 am

  • Beyond the Limits: Using CQI to Bring About Change
  • How to Avoid a Payback: Lessons Learned
  • So Who You Gonna Call?
  • No Limits: Breaking Through Barriers
  • Cheap Labor or Social Work Coworkers: A Training for the Field Placement Program
  • Child Welfare System Modernization
  • TANF Gen 2